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With the SAFE-T, you can be assured of a quality appliance. It is manufactured in collaboration with Sicli(1), the largest Belgian specialist in the manufacture and distribution of extinguishers, a benchmark in its field and an assurance of quality for users.It is alsotechnically manufactured in accordance with safety standard EN 3-8. The new SAFE-T extinguisher is just as effective as a traditional fire extinguisher, but with a touch of added designer style. Get one now and enjoy both its practical and aesthetic qualities!


Pink or with a cow motif? A colour for every mood. A design for every home…

DNC TAG developed the original and lively colours and designs in collaboration with XLS design studio to decorate the traditional extinguisher with a variety of fun and colourful motifs. DNC TAG offers four ranges of fire extinguisher, with something to suit everyone: the "CLASSIC” range, the “TAG” range, the “EXCLUSIVE” range and the “CUSTOM” range.


The “CLASSIC” range offers a pure, stylised collection in an array of bright colours ranging from bright pink and apple green through to grey. Colours that will immediately brighten up your home. The “CLASSIC” SAFE-T extinguisher blends in perfectly with any type of decor and will doubtless be a colourful addition to any home. Comes in 8 colours.


The “TAG” range is a collection of original designs devised by DNC TAG. With a variety of designs such as checks, the statue of liberty, the cow motif, love notes and kitchen utensils, there is something for every taste and for every room in the house. Comes in 38 Tags.


The “EXCLUSIVE” range is composed of fire extinguishers manufactured in noble materials such as copper, chrome, gold, alcantara and leather. Materials that make the SAFE-T an exclusive object with a unique, elegant finish. Comes in 13 different materials.


As for the “CUSTOM” range, it is aimed more at companies who wish to personalise the SAFE-T with the colours and logo of their choice to make it unique. An original means of communication to stand out from the crowd!


(1) SAFE-T is technically manufactured by SICLI S.A., the uncontested leader in fire extinguisher manufacture in Belgium. SICLI boasts 85 years of experience and a turnover of EUR 32 million.