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Validity & Guarantee

How long is the SAFE-T’s period of validity?
The SAFE-T is valid for 10 years. The last two numbers engraved on the bottom of the SAFE-T correspond to its year of manufacture.


DNC TAG offers a 5 year technical guarantee on your SAFE-T, based on your purchase receipt.

How does the technical guarantee work?

If you see that the manometer needle is no longer in the green zone, please return your SAFE-T to us along with your receipt showing the date of purchase. We will check it and/or repair it before sending it back to you at our own expense.


What can I do if my SAFE-T is no longer under guarantee or is empty?

We can (technically) recondition your SAFE-T for EUR 35 excl. VAT. All you have to do is send us your SAFE-T, pay the sum of EUR 35 excl. VAT and we’ll send you back your reconditioned appliance.