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Reinventing the fire extinguisher

All too often relegated to some dark corner of your home or worse still, completely non-existent, the fire extinguisher has regained its credibility thanks to DNC TAG and its SAFE-T, an extinguisher that has been remodelled into a design object, 100% made in Belgium. DNC TAG has redesigned the great classic found in our cars and homes: the red extinguisher has been revamped in bright pink, gold, with checks, a cow motif or an American flag so that this traditional object, which often has a negative connotation, now adds a touch of colour and fun to our surroundings.


Besides being of a highly original design, SAFE-T will swiftly extinguish the initial stages of domestic fires and is technically manufactured in accordance with safety standard EN 3-8. With this new extinguisher, you have something that is both useful and a pleasure. It no longer belongs in the cupboard, in the cellar or under the car seat but in full view for you to enjoy. An ideal gift for others or for yourself.


The new SAFE-T extinguisher is just as efficient as a traditional extinguisher, but with a touch of added designer style!